Water Harmony TENOR

Within the framework of the TENOR project, an AQUAPONICS laboratory with an experimental installation was organized at NUWEE.

The laboratory will be conducted as a training session for students and experimental research on the technology of recycling the quality of circulating water of fishery farms of industrial type when used in the purification processes of the target groups of cleaning agents whose biomass increment can be used as feed (food) or energy source.

Development of waste bioconversion technology in aquaponics systems will be focused on maximally efficient waste utilization, which will reduce feed coefficient, resource costs, energy for water treatment and cultivation of agricultural plants, will increase the efficiency of utilization of production areas.

The most problematic wastes in aquaponics systems are sludge mixtures, such as aquatic biodiversity products, plant root systems and cultivation substrates, which require disposal costs and pose risks of additional contamination of the hydrosphere by biogenic elements. Bioconversion of these wastes will be done in the direction of stabilizing their biochemical composition and maximum extraction from the sludge mixtures of plant nutrients due to persistent multicultural plant biocenoses and production of new types of organo-mineral fertilizers by deep bioconversion methods with the involvement of bioagents. This technology will ultimately significantly improve the taste of fish and plant products, increase the content of vitamins and trace elements, significantly improve the economic efficiency of aquaponics systems.
AQUAPONICS laboratory experimental setup scheme