Water Harmony TENOR

TENOR Living Lab aims to introduce research-based education through demonstration of water and resources
circularity in organic farming
  • encouraging paradigm shift from conventional wastewater management to decentralized concepts
  • renewing and internationalizing water and agriculture related higher education in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
TENOR Approach
TENOR Living Lab explores opportunities for recycling of Water, Nutrients and Heat in organic farming based on source separated sewer systems
and smart irrigation solutions

The project aims to demonstrate how decentralized wastewater treatment can maximize circularity and resources utilization, while minimizing greenhouse gas emission related to wastewater transport

TENOR Living Lab facilitates collaboration of students, researchers, teachers, industrial and public
stakeholders for evidence-based
educational research and innovation
Expected Results
Water and agriculture related higher education in Ukraine and Belarus will be renewed and internationalized, collaboration between NMBU and NUWEE renewed and cooperation with BSTU strengthened in research plane
Living Lab approach will be introduced in research based education
Water and resources circularity in organic farming will be demonstrated
A course "Household Water Reclamation & Reuse" will be developed and become available online through e-learning platforms
Involvement of industrial partners with academia community in joint research will be strengthened through initiation of joint research project within Living Lab concept