Water Harmony TENOR

Dr Zakhar Maletskyi
NMBU, Norway - Project manager
Membrane technologies for water reuse. Residuals management in wastewater treatment
Alla Kucherova
NUWEE, Ukraine - Project coordinator for partner countries
Organic farming, ecology of organic fertilizers & organic biomass reuse
Dr Artyom Vorobiov
BSTU, Belarus
Smart water-saving irrigation systems
Dr Arve Heistad
NMBU, Norway
Decentralized wastewater management and resources recovery
Prof Martin Oldenburg
OWL UAS, Germany
Resource-oriented sanitation systems and
water reuse
Prof Harsha Ratnaweera
NMBU, Norway
Founder of Water Harmony global initiative, modelling and optimization of processes in wastewater treatment
Prof Joachim Fettig
OWL UAS, Germany
Wastewater treatment applying physical-chemical processes with emphasis on the closing of water cycles
Mykola Kizyeyev
NUWEE, Ukraine
Alternative energy sources and wastewater heat reuse in agriculture
Aliaksandr Dubina
BSTU, Belarus
Industrial ecology & recycling
Dr Oleg Pinchuk
NUWEE, Ukraine
Use of waste heat water for soil heating
Olga Stepanchenko
NUWEE, Ukraine
Mathematical modelling of environmental processes
Kostyantyn Sichnoy
Agro Organic, Ukraine
Business development in organic farming
Georg Finsrud
A-Aqua, Norway
Fedir Delehan
RENOME, Ukraine
Real estate development
Pavel Varabyou
Interaquachem, Belarus
Chemical engineering, water treatment technologies
Elisabeth Sundheim Hoff
NMBU, Norway
Project Success Manager - administration & logistics
Dr Ievgenii Gerasimov
NUWEE, Ukraine
Integrated water resources management