Water Harmony TENOR

Oleksii Kozhushko

Postgraduate student
National University of Water and Environmental Engineering, Ukraine

Personal email:

Finished level of education: master in heat and gas supply and ventilation

Current position: postgraduate student at the department of heat and gas supply,
ventilation and sanitary engineering of the National University of Water and
Environmental Engineering

Fields of interest/research areas: energy efficiency and waste energy recovery in
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and wastewater disposal systems.

Oleksii Kozhushko participates in TENOR project since June 2018 when he took part in
Summer School 2018 at Norwegian University of Life Sciences and at the University
Centre in Svalbard. He is involved in research work concerned to wastewater heat
recovery in organic farming.

Works by Oleksii Kozhushko

Soil Surface Heating Systems and Heat Recovery Methods in Organic Farming
Course work