Practical implementation of the Living Labs concept

Rivne, Ukraine, September 2019

Scientific-practical seminar "Practical implementation of the Living Labs concept"

The scientific-practical seminar with the participation of scientists from the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (Ukraine), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway), the representatives of the PrJSC "Kyivvodokanal" (Ukraine), «RENOME» (Ukraine), «AGRO ORGANIC» (Ukraine), postgraduate students was held in Rivne on September 26, 2019.

The seminar presented the project partners' work in terms of practical implementation of the Living Labs concept, formalized knowledge exchange between higher education institutions and enterprises addressed through Living Lab instruments.

Living Labs refers to user-centered, open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes in real life communities and settings

In practice, living labs place the citizen at the center of innovation and have thus shown an ability to better mold the opportunities offered by new ICT concepts and solutions to specific needs and aspirations of local contexts, cultures, and creative potentials.

The complex of solutions to the industrial partners - companies «RENOME» (Ukraine), «AGRO ORGANIC» (Ukraine) in section of opportunities for recycling of water, nutrients and heat in urban and organic farming was suggested. Water and resources circularity was demonstrated using AGUA CIRCUM prototype and AQUAPONICS laboratory.

The discussion was attended by Zakhar Maletskyi (NMBU, Norway), Kostyantyn Sichnoy («AGRO ORGANIC», Ukraine), Fedir Delehan («RENOME», Ukraine). Pavlo Vezdenetsky (PrJSC "Kyivvodokanal" , Ukraine), Alla Kucherova, Тetiana Kolesnyk, Oleg Pinchuk, Mykola Kizyeyev, Oleksii Kozhushko and Volodymyr Besediuk (NUWEE, Ukraine).

As a result involvement of industrial partners with academia community in joint research was strengthened through initiation of joint research project within Living Lab concept.