Project Meeting I

Norway, 2018

Meeting Details

The first project meeting of TENOR (CPEA-ST/10081: Towards Circular EcoNomy in Organic FaRming) was held in the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Ås, Norway, on 20 February 2018.

The project is performed in Cooperation Programme with Eurasia, funded by Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education. It unites four universities and five enterprises from Belarus, Germany, Norway and Ukraine.

The purpose of this meeting was for the participants to be acquainted with each other, and to map out the needs and challenges of the field. The project meeting started with an introductory sessions where all partners could introduce their institution / company and their participants, before a clear overview of each HEIs research and knowledge pillars were introduced.

The introductory session was followed by a session on technological possibilities, with the following presentations:
Partners discussed challenges and opportunities for the project, and agreed on the time plan for the project period. The next meeting will be hosted by NUWEE in Rivne, Ukraine, in September 2018, followed by the final project meeting in Minsk, Belarus in the spring of 2019.

Participants ended the meeting day with a walking tour of the laboratory facilities towards, before everyone travelled to the waterfront in Oslo for a project dinner with the best of Norwegian seafood.

Article by Elisabeth Sundheim Hoff