Internship of TENOR students at NMBU

Norway, 2019

Internship at Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Within the project CPEA-ST/10081 TENOR – Towards the circular EcoNomy in Organic faRming PhD student of the department of heat and gas supply, ventilation and sanitary engineering Oleksii Kozhushko, master student of the department of ecology Volodymyr Besediuk (NUWEE), students of biotechnology department Stefaniia Lukashevich and Katsiaryna Lapian (BSTU) were interned at Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).
TENOR students doing laboratory research
Within the internship program, an experimental research as well as database work was conducted at NMBU laboratories. A number of laboratory experiments were conducted by Ukrainian and Belarusian students. The possibility of using granular activated sludge on the membrane in biological treatment of municipal sewage was investigated by analysing changes in the values of the total and biological oxygen demand with variable contact time of the sewage with the sludge. The second experiment was to investigate the allelopathic effect of exudates germinated on wastewater from different crops on the target crop. In the second experiment, multiple measurements of pH, COD, BOD, nitrite, nitrate, ammonium, phosphate and potassium content were performed, as well as other researches with modern laboratory equipment. Basing on the obtained results, students prepared relevant reports and completed coursework.
Participants of Oslo Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions Conference 2019 have been invited to the Oslo City Hall
The project participants delivered a presentation on the results of research at the scientific seminar at University of South-Eastern Norway (USN).

In order to get acquainted with the implementation of wastewater heat recovery technology, a meeting with CEO of Oslofjord Varme was organised at the heat recovery plant in Sandvika, which is located near Oslo. Centralised heating and cooling in the town is provided by wastewater heat recovery from main sewer conduit. It is one of the largest wastewater heat recovery facilities in the world.

Students participated in Oslo Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions Conference 2019 which was organised by European Water Association, Norwegian Water Association, Municipality of Oslo and Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The conference was attended by more than 140 participants from 25 countries. The participants of the conference were invited to a formal reception hosted by the Mayor of Oslo at the City Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year.

Article by Alla Kucherova