Towards Circular EcoNomy in Organic FaRming

International Living Lab exploring Open Innovation in Water and Resources Circularity
funded by SIU Eurasia –
TENOR Living Lab aims to introduce research-based education through demonstration of water and resources
circularity in organic farming
  • encouraging paradigm shift from conventional wastewater management to decentralized concepts
  • renewing and internationalizing water and agriculture related higher education in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
TENOR Approach
TENOR Living Lab explores opportunities for recycling of Water, Nutrients and Heat in organic farming based on source separated sewer systems
and smart irrigation solutions

The project aims to demonstrate how decentralized wastewater treatment can maximize circularity and resources utilization, while minimizing greenhouse gas emission related to wastewater transport

TENOR Living Lab facilitates collaboration of students, researchers, teachers, industrial and public
stakeholders for evidence-based
educational research and innovation
TENOR Consortium
One of eight universities in Norway and the leading producer of Master level graduates in Water and Wastewater technologies. NMBU has long traditions in international project collaborations including Horizon 2020, EU FP7, Erasmus+ and other European programs
NUWEE is conducting systematic research on soil heating technologies to increase yielding and organic
farming techniques. University has strong expertise in agricultural melioration
"Sustainable water management and water pollution control" is one of the key research areas at OWL UAS. In recent years, several national and international water related research projects have been conducted for federal ministries, state authorities and the German Federal Environmental Foundation
BSTU is developing smart water irrigation systems and conducting research on improvement of biological wastewater treatment processes
TENOR Network Partners
TENOR Experts
Dr Zakhar Maletskyi
NMBU, Norway - Project manager
Membrane technologies for water reuse. Residuals management in wastewater treatment
Alla Kucherova
NUWEE, Ukraine - Project coordinator for partner countries
Organic farming, ecology of organic fertilizers & organic biomass reuse
Dr Arve Heistad
NMBU, Norway
Decentralized wastewater management and resources recovery
Prof Martin Oldenburg
OWL UAS, Germany
Resource-oriented sanitation systems and
water reuse
Prof Joachim Fettig
OWL UAS, Germany
Wastewater treatment applying physical-chemical processes with emphasis on the closing of water cycles
Prof Harsha Ratnaweera
NMBU, Norway
Modelling and optimization of processes in wastewater treatment
Dr Artyom Vorobiov
BSTU, Belarus
Smart water-saving irrigation systems
Elisabeth Sundheim Hoff
NMBU, Norway
Project Success Manager - administration & logistics
Mykola Kizyeyev
NUWEE, Ukraine
Alternative energy sources and wastewater heat reuse in agriculture
Kostyantyn Sichnoy
Agro Organic, Ukraine
Business development in organic farming
Aliaksandr Dubina
BSTU, Belarus
Industrial ecology & recycling
Fedir Delehan
RENOME, Ukraine
Real estate development
Pavel Varabyou
Interaquachem, Belarus
Chemical engineering, water treatment technologies
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